Salute to the most beautiful workers in aelga!

29 April, 2023

labor day recognition

Salute to the most beautiful workers




May is the season of laborers, the season of glory!

In fact,every day is glorious in !

They are rooted in the front line, not afraid of hardships or tiredness

Choose a career, be loyal;

Do one industry, love and be good at the industry

This is the true portrayal of 

They stick to the front line, are dedicated and meticulous

They have always devoted themselves to work with rigorous attitude and positive enthusiasm

They pursue excellence in craftsmanship with ingenuity

They continue to work hard for the quality of with a persistent attitude of excellence

In this way, day after day, cold and hot

They use their labor to practice persistent craftsmanship

Salute to every worker in !

You are really beautiful when you work hard!