Good News! AELGA successfully passed the ISO three management system re-certification

13 December, 2023

Audit Guidance

AELGA through the three system on-site re-certification audit, which is the audit experts give a consistent conclusion. Recently, to evaluate the conformity and effectiveness of Aelga Quality/environment/Occupational Health and safety management system with the standards, Shandong Worldcom Certification Center organized a three-system re-certification audit of AELGA. In strict accordance with the audit terms, the audit team of three experts and teachers, in the two-day audit, through consulting information, on-site review, inquiry and other ways, the source of Special Departments and management for the audit evidence, and the successful completion of re-certification audit work.

In the process of monitoring audit, audit experts pay close attention to AELGA internal and external quality, safety, environmental risks, verify the effectiveness of the control measures. Finally, the audit team found that the AELGA departments to work on the three systems, three systems operation control smooth and effective, suggestions were also made for improvement in process management, Customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, risk management, safety training delivery, identification and evaluation of fire equipment, environmental factors and hazards, safety equipment and facilities, and management of relevant parties.

Certificate of Honor

For the enterprise, this is not three ordinary certificates, but a heavy honor, is the unremitting efforts of AELGA praise. The three-system re-certification audit for the AELGA three-system to provide an important guidance and guidance for the continuous improvement. Subsequently, AELGA will continue to promote the effective integration of business work and the three systems to enhance the effectiveness of system operation, to achieve high-quality, healthy and safe development.

The three management systems promote the systematic construction of enterprise management, improve the level of enterprise management, improve the quality of enterprise service, protect the health rights and interests of employees, which is an important symbol of the modernization of enterprise management. At present, obtaining ISO certification has become one of the necessary conditions to break the international green barrier and enter the global market. AELGA began to implement ISO 3 certification as early as 10 years ago to institutionalize and systematize quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management. In the future, AELGA will continue to adhere to theQuality first, customer firstbusiness philosophy, constantly improve the management level and product quality, to provide customers with better products and services.