The content of 6 S

07 March, 2018

To create a beautiful and harmonious workplace, to cultivate employees' self-discipline, rule consciousness, good behavior habits, March 2, Qingdao source, "6 s the lean management training class", which are held in Qingdao headquarters, a total of 30 people to attend training. The trainers by the development and growth of employees of Qingdao source strategies project consultant jing as a teacher, training, teacher jing briefly introduce the origin and concept of 6 s, and from the management content, management techniques, arrange consolidation points, in-depth interpretation of the office 6 s management, but also in the form of pictures, 6 s management model shows the other companies import screen, careful analysis of the necessity and importance of 6 s management. Through the teacher all kinds of actual case sharing, deep understanding to the source, 6 s the lean management focus on improving the office environment, lower operating costs, promote the efficiency of work, improving staff quality and enhance enterprise competitiveness, etc., to promote sustained, healthy development of the company.