Aelga annual festival

16 January, 2019

To look inward Set sail from the heart

On January 11, 2019, "to look inward Set sail from heart "aelga2019 annual festival held successfully. The conference site set up many modules, regular reporting on activities, strategic sharing, selection, meditation acceptance, party building jigsaw puzzle, staged a and passion again in the evening dinner.

Source exciting photos

Say, our transformation

The declaration of self-discipline

In the reporting on activities report to the meeting, aelga department heads in the reporting on activities report, Shared the 2018 work, summed up the experience, analysis the lack of work, and planning the work tasks in 2019. Next, one of the founders of aelga ms wang ying for all members of this paper expounds the macro planning in 2019, still with innovative products as the core to the layout of the international market, the market development of China "and upgrade the two big market area, which in turn create brand transformation. At the same time, also is the source of the 2019, set a tone "to look inward, set sail from heart", all personal growth, sector growth, company growth need to be the first to look inward. Corporate level strategy, let every one full of expectation!


Still, we release

At the end of the reporting on activities report, we ushered in the release of a meditation, under the guidance of the host, we settled down to, to open, release, acceptance, focus on the present yourself! Others that a period of time, whether, in hand, sincere, accept compliments, or when we break free, tell us, and that she "I accept" word reply, let's always full of energy. The energy field of the moment to let us know, no matter how he, accept yourself, seriously live in the moment, don't waste your life beautiful! In the annual festival with so my link, aims to let everybody understand, what is to look inward, what set sail from the heart, only your true self fully accepting, our work life will meet a and a beautiful!


Puzzle, our future

Jigsaw puzzle in the project

After high energy field, we ushered in the team a new challenge for the project "jigsaw puzzle". The team building activities to jigsaw puzzle as training props, participants can be divided into seven groups, let everybody experience in the activities of communication, team cooperation, information sharing, resource allocation, innovation concept, effective thinking, leadership style, such as scientific decision-making management theme. Although team challenge ended in failure, but we can in the activities, see clearly the problems existing in the team and we keep the advantage, we can deeply understand the information and resource sharing to the team, I see only strengthen the appropriate allocation of resources to enhance the overall value, but also deeply realized the importance of cooperation, properly handle competitive relationship, between departments, between enterprises and enterprises realize a virtuous cycle.

Ye, our carnival

Splendid performances won numerous cheers

Host supervisor, today!

When we are immersed in a strong energy field during the day, we have ushered in the passion is the beginning of the dinner. Dinner all programs are employees of the director the play, passionate dance "seaweed", lovely hat dance, funny "ha hot" and the poetry "gratitude" and so on splendid performances drew applause and cheering. Of children's poetry recitation, hot dance, more comprehensive department staff ocarina, for this dinner. In addition to the wonderful show, there are all kinds of lottery, strange trick game. This year's employee selection, bold attempt, we use some humorous words to describe their job characteristics, such as "straight forwardly and neatly", "refers to which play which", "ask me that", "best obsessive-compulsive disorder", etc., and awards for their gratitude for dinner, for the past year's pay on a gratitude and love.

Until the middle of the night, "to look inward Set sail from heart "aelga annual festival ended, aelga fulfillment off the 2018 industriously, ushered in the 2019 good!