Cheer up! Aelga!

03 September, 2020

                                                              Cheer up! Aelga!

Aelga has been in existence for nearly 15 years since its establishment, and the key members span all ages

There are post-70s generations who are calm, sophisticated and very experienced

There are post-80s generations who are steady, rigorous and have strong sense of responsibility

There are post-90s and post-00s generations who are innovative and keeping going foward

It’s such a group of people who created aelga’s ingenious products to bring customers a new trend in kitchen and housewares.

It’s just such a group of people who can arguing to the red stage for keeping improving

However, we can still cheer up in our leisure time!

Recently, aelga held a "cheer up" theme party at the seaside

The content of this activity is wonderful and rich, let everyone have a good time after returning to life

We can form a group of four people and build the Great Wall happily with sand

We can form a team of a boy and a girl and play billiards with long poles

We can catch the sea and crabs with adults and children

We can sing, play cards, eat snacks and chat

Tired of playing, when the evening breeze is blowing, start a romantic meal with beer and barbecue

We drink and sing in the night, clink glasses, cheering for our dreams

We remember the glory, but also look forward to the future

We believe that every elaborate work of aelga will bring a new fashion vane

At the same time, every warm work will bring a little warm to you who have returned to your family!

In the future, aelga will be even stronger!