Gorgeous Products Shining Your Life

17 November, 2022

A fabulous New Products Conference was held successfully recently in Aelga headquarter building. With various techniques, colorful colors, splendid textures, different contours and multiple functions, all the new designed products are shining like stars. The chief designer introduced the new products via PPT and videos and conveyed the concept underlying these items.


Fashion Style with Extraordinary Value


Back to the beginning of the establishment, Aelga has reached a cooperation with the top French design company DESSIN&CIE , following the international fashion. Nowadays, our designer can absorb the popular elements quickly and design the elegant products based on their own aesthetic, leading the fashion tendency. 2023 Aelga new products inherit the practical functions and innovative spirits would continue our successful story in future.


Excellent Quality Never Ever Changing


As a leading manufacture in houseware industry, Aelga has hundreds of patents. Aelga is the first one who combined the glass and stainless steel perfectly to produce the kitchen products. Although our products are popular around the world, Aelga has been pursuing the excellent product quality. We pay attention to every detail.  Every handle, edge and shape of the bottle has been well designed to make sure the top class goods. In the future, Aelga will insist on innovative research and development, strengthening our leading position in markets, promoting our own brand. Our gorgeous products will shine your life!