Qualification Management System

23 November, 2022

In November, Qingdao Aelga Housewares Manufacture Co.,ltd successfully passed the annual supervision and audit of the three-system certification qualification of Shandong Shitong International Certification Agency, and received unanimous praise from audit experts. For this annual review, Shandong Shitong International Certification Agency sent 2 experts to conduct the review for a period of 2 days. The site conducted a comprehensive review of the company's operation in the past year from the management and technical aspects.


The successful passing of this annual supervision and review indicates that Qingdao Aelga has effectively carried out system qualification management and continues to meet the requirements of the enterprise's daily work quality and safety law and related regulations. In 2014, in order to enhance the company's overall competitiveness, improve product quality and employee health management, we actively introduced three system certification standards for quality, occupational health, and environment, and seriously carried it out on product development, quality control, sales services, and employee health.The company has made remarkable achievements in the past ten years. It has provided effective guarantees for product quality, water bottle management, corporate culture, market reputation, etc., and laid a foundation for the upgrading of the company's qualification, which is of great significance for improving the economic benefits of the company.