New Development Momentum

17 January, 2018


China Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industry Products & Arts-Crafts was held in Beijing,the first annual meeting start with the theme of ‘New times,New engines,New growth drivers’ during January 13-14.Conference mainly discusses light industry foreign trade industry to carry out new development idea, the transformation of the mode of development, strengthen the development of the power, to realize high quality high efficiency development, promote the new era of business reengineering new advantages, create refulgence again.

At this annual meeting of the development, light industry of foreign trade include there are more than three hundred entrepreneurs and industry elite, part of the local competent commercial departments to attend this annual meeting, Qingdao aelga general manager Mr Johnson was invited to attend, joint research with industry enterprises. Qingdao aelga, since the very first date of establish, there always will be "new" throughout, break through product innovation, technology innovation, business mode innovation, management innovation, system innovation, etc., promote new competitive advantage. The participation of this year's annual conference will also help Qingdao aelga to fully grasp the development trend, actively explore the potential of the industry, give play to the advantages of the industry and create new and brilliant industries.