Aelga approaching Amoeba

01 February, 2018

From January 23 to 24, 2018, senior leaders of Qingdao aelga led the core member to participate in the training course of "Chinese-style Amoeba Business model" in Qingdao.During the course,business mentor Mr von start the lesson from Amoeba’s origin&definition, he was unfolding around the Amoeba system,expounds the Amoeba business model systematically, combined with the actual case, mean time this also let students understand the power of Amoeba management pattern.

At the scene, members of aelga discussed and communicated with Mr. Von on the basis of current work situation of the enterprise, and made a key interpretation of the problems and difficulties in the real operation process with typical events. During the discussion, they have a preliminary understanding of how to establish and enhance Amoeba business model in the company.

After two days of the course, aelga members award that only everybody learn business management and implement standard to each employee's work, can we let employees in a fair competition stage becoming strong and rich. At the end of the training, the training members of the courses had a discussion with the staff of aelga company right away. Everyone turn through training, get to know the Ameba management pattern which can make each employee on the front line to be able to become a leading role, participate in management actively, thus to realize the participation and management of all members ", every member in aelga are itching waiting for fuels together to a bright future.