Children warm welfare

16 May, 2018

June 1 children's day is coming, the employees also don't want to good how to give the child a gift, the company has long been ready for the all hot mom handsome dad children welfare, for every parents provide funds, organizations took part in a special training course - the excellence of course parents ", take your hot mom handsome dad walked into the children's world, read "my" children, teach them to use wisdom to accompany children to grow up! Believe that the children gift company, there is no better than this!

May 5-6, aelga hot mom handsome dad the collective, together into the "outstanding class parents". Class, the teacher to share on lively and interesting, by the first question very grounding gas paternalism, layer upon layer, the deep analysis of the various problems in the children daily, to teach the parents how to help children and release repressed vitality, creative learning, life and other positive motivation.

Two days of class to speed up transformation of family education, parents have significant influence on parent-child education concept, as well as to boost employees harmonious family relationship. In fact, as early as at the beginning of the company to create, adhere to the "people-oriented" enterprise culture, in recent years, such as the welfare of soft culture pattern but also emerge in endlessly, elite professional training, the goddess of collective viewing, hot mom handsome dad to receive the latest parenting philosophy, Chinese valentine's day as a loved one cake DIY... Different festivals and the needs of different groups to meet has become aelga unique enterprise culture scenery line...