The heart do culture

29 May, 2018

To reveal the enterprise culture, strengthen the team cohesion, recently, the organization has launched a raw aelga office birthday party building activities, procurement, production, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics department of nearly 20 staff personnel to attend. The birthday party has combined with outdoor gathering, also hope you bid farewell to their stable workshop in yours, go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery, relaxed state of mind, return to nature. At the start of activity, everybody then let yourself completely, picking, cycling, longevity noodles and take photos... Everybody happy laughter came from time to time, have their place, is full of happy and harmonious atmosphere. The party building, not only exercise the body, enjoy the good air between the landscape, but also active amateur life.

A flash playback

Has your place is full of joy 

Cycling happiness, is you and me together, to share the beauty