Aelga life salon began

22 June, 2018

Aelga staff family welfare, another big one called "has the secret of happy life" the theme of the salon on June 21, the geek coffee first, family education teacher peng-fei zhao teacher as the course tutor. In more than two hours of communication, miss zhao theory combined with the case of speech and the vivid and interesting field interaction, won the applause and laughter, field personnel in the activities at the same time, we also benefit from.

Aelga salon began the first life

Because the people widely, there are single, sweet lover, married people is more, in front of the salon held, the company leadership and mentor in-depth communication and reach an agreement, bring you a special custom, with personal growth, relationships, parent-child education three aspects to carry on the different levels of lead. This is the first time in the form of salon aelga, sent to a living related courses for the employees, in the future, the company will not hold regular salon activities of different themes, let employees in a more healthy optimistic state of mind into the work and in life, better realization of individual value, and contribute their strength for the society for the enterprise.

At the scene of trivia:

The class have laughter everywhere

Close your eyes take a deep breath, adjust your best

Good communication, we are serious

A variety of forms to take notes, serious you the most beautiful