Aelga water carnival

16 July, 2018

Summer cool and refreshing Water carnival

Aelga employee benefits sweet!

Summer comes, to enrich employees' summer life, increase the friendship between each other, on July 14, company organization excellent staff and their family members, held a water - a day at the wanda water park, sent to summer cool and refreshing and welfare. Into the water park, we quickly put into various kinds of projects, both stimulus "big trumpet", "straight line slide," excited "sunshine water village", or leisure "conch bay", "the waves spa pool", every project can see the figure of the source were, they paddle carnival, they are alive. These water project, not only for the source from a bit of cool and refreshing, can release of body and mind again, everyone is to share the happiness at the same time, challenge the limit and experience the passion... Imperceptible in, the activity ended in laughter. The event is given the employee summer aelga welfare, let staff work in insecurity cheerful the body and mind, promote the communication between the employees. Hope in the future work, we keep the passion and courage to challenge the passion, the full mental state into work, feedback the enterprise to create more value, to give back to society.