Trademark Protection

04 September, 2018

With the rapid development of Internet, many advanced technology appear constantly, enterprise began to look for a new direction at the same time, will be some undesirable businessman copy on a large scale, encroach on independent research and development of the fruits of their labors.In the process, the enterprise how to do their own brand construction, reasonable understanding of intellectual property barriers to competition, avoid violating intellectual property is particularly important.


Aelga approved the registration of trademarks


In July 2018, aelga trademark officially allowed to register in the United States, and officially received in August "trademark registration certificate".Aelga, an enterprise is given priority to with product research and development, early in the beginning of creation, then know that the "research and development enterprise, want to do a good job of intellectual property, trademark protection and patent assurance is the key""Aelga domestic trademark registration," "love yue house" trademark registration in China, "aelga" eu trademark registration, lots of patent and utility model patent application appearance.... 

A series of intellectual property rights, has brought a lot of loyal customers for the company, but if you want to win more actively in the intellectual property rights, basic outlet lies in the efforts to improve the scientific research ability of the enterprise, improve the ability of self-owned intellectual property rights.Aelga general manager, said Chinese companies to gain a foothold in the international market, and the development, and then packed into the world of big companies, must develop their own intellectual property strategy, attach importance to the international registration of trademarks, patent layout, creating famous brand, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and popularity and stable foreign markets, expand overseas markets.