Eat hutch annual meeting

18 September, 2018

Aelga attend light industry chamber of commerce of eat hutch 2018 annual meeting

On September 13, sponsored by the China light industry arts and crafts import and export chamber of commerce light industry chamber of commerce in 2018 eat hutch of eat hutch association annual meeting and light the five times (expand) council meeting was held in Qingdao in shandong.Light industry chamber of commerce, vice President of hart s r.chemical planet sci, eat hutch, chairman of the branch, branch, vice President attended the meeting, deputy executive director of the aelga as director unit are also invited to attend.Rich in content, this annual meeting to discuss issues closely industry development trend and the current hot issues of foreign trade, through communication, to further strengthen the enterprises to develop confidence and cohesion of the industry.

Nearly a year frequent trade friction, the meeting each peer partner speaks enthusiastically, communicate adequately.Aelga as a branch of the governing units, the general manager Johnson also respectively around to expand the international market, the influence of sino-us trade friction to the enterprise, and cross-border e-commerce major issues such as the key to speak.Johnson said, "in the international economic situation and changeable environment, we have to face too much and external uncertainty, we should not only seek long-term development, also want to changes of the market.Empowering yourself, good internal work is the key, at the same time, the branch to work together, as well as exchange, resource sharing between enterprises, joint innovation research and development of good product to let more people know, the more people use, realize the win-win development!"