Live up to the good times of youth , the staff of aelga forges ahead

13 August, 2019

August is the season of burning passion. The weather is hot and people have vitality in August, in this passionate August, aelga held a special Chinese valentine's day activity, partners enjoy the warmth of the family and team enthusiasm.     


Live up to the good times of youth , the staff of aelga forges ahead.

a special Chinese valentine's day activity-Qingdao aelga


Wonderful photos-Qingdao Yuante

In order to regulate work pressure, create a passionate and happy working atmosphere, so that we can better engage in the work in the second half of the year. The company arranged a special Chinese valentine's day festival activity -- fun sports meeting, which aims to enrich the staff's spare time, further strengthen the team cohesion and enhance the solidarity and cooperation ability among teams. In this league building activity, the company tailor-made a series of intellectual and physical activities for everyone, such as "beaming", "balancing maze ball", "happy train", "raising eyebrows" and so on, and finally there was a fierce water gun battle. At the beginning of the activity, in order to liven up the atmosphere and improve the participation of employees, the host divided the staff into four competition groups by matchmaking with Mr. Yue. Each group selected the team leader according to their own advantages and named him "nezha", "kong", "champion" and "liangjian". In the following activity project, all members of the team rub their hands together to maximize team collaboration and output.



A collection of moments


The first half of the activity to relay system, in the team relay, all the team members one mind, no matter it is funny flour blowing ball, breaking toes, or test patience to catch the basketball, spelling words, everyone in the key links have played a positive role. If the first half is easy entertainment, the second half align eyebrow bar, time train, bonanza and other games is the real test of teamwork, unity of the goal. In order to win in the competition and even to break the previous achievements made by the team, the partners of each group had fierce discussions and even quarrels. In the end, they kept adjusting their state, adapting, optimizing and innovating for the same goal. In the end, each group gave a perfect answer. This activity, we challenge each other, PK each other at the same time, but also to the team strength has a more profound perception, only the team work together, only everyone's goal to focus on to create brilliant, finally, the activity in a fierce and childlike innocence of the "water gun war" in the end. In the future, Yuante will also hold various kinds of wonderful activities from time to time to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees and make the team more cohesive.