Aelga products [Mark Series] win 2019CF Award Silver Award

04 September, 2019

The competition finalists,732 enterprises,

1458 products Based on terminal market preference,  

 industrial process design sense, industry development trend, etc. 

437 products from 732 enterprises were selected

The final competition,227 enterprises, 437 products

After 9 world-renowned design experts independent voting and grading and centralized evaluation

74 enterprises and 106 products were finally determined to win each award

The mark collection, for one, won silver this year

During the final review period, 

mark series has received rigorous and adequate selection from 9 design authorities at home and abroad

They have served as judges of IF award, IDEA, red dot product design award,

 GMARK and other famous design awards at home and abroad for many times

The silver award of the mark series fully proves aelga's hard power

Let's see, how did mark pass the test and get the admiration of the judges who are accustomed to the world

Good products, it is necessary to fight!!

Spell design aesthetic feeling, spell detail carving, spell user experience, spell the latest technology, 

Aelga products [MARK SERIES]  BINGO!